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What is PAC?

PAC “Performative Architecture & Computation” is an international research group of Yasar University Faculty of Architecture and Department of Industrial Engineering Izmir, Turkey, and the TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture – Chair Design Informatics, the Netherlands. The research group aims to improve overall performance of buildings and built environment by using advanced computational methods for model generation, analysis, and decision-making in an interdisciplinary platform.

Building (urban) Performance Evaluation and Decision Making includes soft aspects such as perception, experience of space, form, culture, function, aesthetic, social, economic, safety, comfort and hard aspects such as technical, structural, material, cost, construction, digital manufacturing, sustainability, climate and energy which should be considered during the conceptual phase of the architectural/urban configurations and design. During the conceptual phase most important decisions are taken. Advanced computational tools, methods and techniques aim to INTEGRATE these soft and hard aspects which enable designer to test key aspects of the performance and optimize the design before any physical construction has to take place.

We also aim at research-based education, in which the research results continuously embedded in the education and we operate internationally.

PAC Research Group Members:
Prof. Dr. ir. Sevil Sarıyıldız (TUD-YU)
Prof. Dr. M. Fatih Taşgetiren (YU)
Prof. Dr. Özer Ҫiftҫioğlu (TUD-MU)
Dr. Michela Turrin (TUD)
Dr. Onur Dursun (YU)
Dr. Ömer Öztürkoğlu (YU)
Ir. Paul de Ruiter (TUD)
Ir. Ioannis Chatzikonstantinou (TUD-YU)
Ir. Pirouz Nourian (TUD)
MSc. Arch. Ding Yang (TUD-SCUT)
MSc. Arch. Berk Ekici (TUD-YU)
MSc. Ind. Eng. Damla Kızılay (YU)
Ind. Eng. Cemre Uğurlu (YU)
Arch. Ayça Kırımtat (YU)